31 Key - No Bomb Usage

232U decays into 208Tl, a HARD gamma emitter and is created in small amounts by the Thorium Decay Process to 233U
Thallium-208 emits “hard” 2.6 MeV gamma-rays aspart of its nuclear decay. These gamma rays destroy the electronics and explosives that control detonation. They require thick lead shielding and have a distinctive and easily detectable signature.

Uranium-232 follows the same decay chain as thorium-232, but it follows it millions of times faster! This is because 232Th has a 14 billion year half-life, but 232U has only an 74 year half-life! Once it starts down “the hill” it gets to thallium-208 (the gamma mitter) in just a few weeks! 14 billion years to make this jump Some 232U starts decaying immediately